The Snakebite Community Engagement Network

In 2019, a WHO-led global, strategic plan for control and prevention of snakebite, the so-called ‘Snakebite Roadmap‘, was presented at the 72nd World Health Assembly. This strategy commits to engaging communities as they play a vital role in prevention, community education, and effective first response.

The overall objective of the Network is to contribute to WHO’s 2030 snakebite targets by strengthening the capacity of community experts to undertake coordinated responses that reduce snakebite deaths and disabilities around the world.

Denis Kibira (PhD) the Chief Executive Officer of DUMAIC Global Health and the Coordinator of the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)-Uganda has been instrumental in setting up a multistakeholder working group on snakebite management in Uganda and has been leading national efforts in improving snakebite management in the country through research and policy development.