DGH enhances capacities of service providers, program managers and other health system partners in standard operating procedures; policy, clinical and ethical guidelines; good practices; emergent planning, operation and reporting models; application of new technologies; governance and leadership; and knowledge management.

DGH undertakes capacity enhancement through: technical assistance; training resources, tools and courses; coaching and mentorship.

The areas of specialty include:

  • Technical assistance – systems strengthening
  • Training courses (online/blended)
  • Mentorship – internship, incubation
  • Knowledge management
  • Digitalization – electronic Logistics Management Information Systems,
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data analytics

The strategic objective of the Capacity Enhancement Program is to enhance the capacities of the health workforce for efficiency of the health system.

The key activities of the Capacity Enhancement Program are:

  1. Assess capacity gaps and needs of health workforce, actors and
  2. partners;
  3. Develop learning resources, tools and curricula;
  4. Formulate a package of interventions for capacity enhancement;
  5. Implement capacity enhancement programs, including trainings, fellowships, mentorships, ccollaborations, partnerships, communities of practice, and others.

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