DGH is dedicated to health systems research and development (R&D) on critical issues in global public health affecting access to medicines.  Our R&D is designed to be actionable, applied and impactful in meeting the needs of decision-makers, practitioners and advocates.

Our priority access R&D areas are:

  • Market shaping
  • Pharmaceutical market research and evaluation
  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis
  • Medicine policy and regulation
  • Medicine price, availability and affordability
  • Monitoring and evaluation – assessments and third-party monitoring
  • Medicines transparency and accountability

The strategic objective of the Access R&D Program is to generate evidence to facilitate learning, innovation and decision-making by health systems partners and stakeholders.

The key activities of the Research and Development Program are:

  1. Review current opportunities and gaps (baseline and update studies) in DGH, national regional and global health agenda.
  2. Establish and engage in research collaborations with health system partners, like-minded organizations in global health.
  3. Conduct research and analysis in critical areas of the health system.
  4. Carry out ongoing documentation, monitoring and surveillance of developments in the health system.
  5. Synthesize ongoing research, new evidence and emerging issues/ trends in the global health.

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